kactoos-jvm / nnl.rocks.kactoos.text / TextEnvelope


abstract class TextEnvelope : Text, Comparable<Text>

Text envelope that provides equals and hashCode methods.


origin - String value of the envelope.

Since 0.4


Name Summary
<init> TextEnvelope(text: Text)
TextEnvelope(scalar: Scalar<String>)
TextEnvelope(string: String)TextEnvelope(origin: KScalar<String>)
Text envelope that provides equals and hashCode methods.


Name Summary
asString open fun asString(): String
Convert it to the string.
compareTo open fun compareTo(other: Text): Int
equals open fun equals(other: Any?): Boolean
hashCode open fun hashCode(): Int
toString open fun toString(): String


Name Summary
AbbreviatedText class AbbreviatedText : TextEnvelope
Abbreviates a Text using ellipses.
HexOf class HexOf : TextEnvelope
Hexadecimal representation of Bytes.
JDKLowerText class JDKLowerText : TextEnvelope
Text in lower case.
JDKTextOf class JDKTextOf : TextEnvelope
TextOf various inputs available on JDK.
JDKUpperText class JDKUpperText : TextEnvelope
Text in upper case.
JoinedText class JoinedText : TextEnvelope
Join a Text.
LowerText class LowerText : TextEnvelope
Text in lower case.
NormalizedText class NormalizedText : TextEnvelope
Normalize (replace sequences of whitespace characters by a single space) a Text.
PaddedEndText class PaddedEndText : TextEnvelope
Text padded at end to reach the given length.
PaddedStartText class PaddedStartText : TextEnvelope
Text padded at start to reach the given length.
RepeatedText class RepeatedText : TextEnvelope
Repeat an text count times.
ReplacedText class ReplacedText : TextEnvelope
Replace the Text.
ReversedText class ReversedText : TextEnvelope
Reverse the Text.
RotatedText class RotatedText : TextEnvelope
Rotate (circular shift) a String of shift characters.
SubText class SubText : TextEnvelope
Extract a substring from a Text.
SwappedCaseText class SwappedCaseText : TextEnvelope
Swaps the case of a Text changing upper and title case to lower case, and lower case to upper case.
SyncText class SyncText : TextEnvelope
Text that is thread-safe.
TextBase64 class TextBase64 : TextEnvelope
Encodes the origin text using the Base64 encoding scheme.
TextOf class TextOf : TextEnvelope
Text from various inputs
TrimmedLeftText class TrimmedLeftText : TextEnvelope
Text with leading whitespace removed.
TrimmedRightText class TrimmedRightText : TextEnvelope
Text with trailing whitespace removed.
TrimmedText class TrimmedText : TextEnvelope
Text without whitespace characters from both ends.
UpperText class UpperText : TextEnvelope
Text in upper case.