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interface Scalar<out T : Any>


This class exists only because in JavaScript implementing functional interface is prohibited


T - Type of value

Since 0.2


Name Summary
invoke abstract operator fun invoke(): T
Get value of this Scalar


Name Summary
And class And : Scalar<Boolean>
Logical conjunction.
AndFunc class AndFunc<X : Any> : Scalar<Boolean>
Logical conjunction.
AndInThreads class AndInThreads : Scalar<Boolean>
Logical conjunction, in multiple threads.
AndInThreadsFunc class AndInThreadsFunc<X : Any> : Scalar<Boolean>
Logical conjunction, in multiple threads.
AndWithIndex class AndWithIndex : Scalar<Boolean>
Logical conjunction, with index.
AndWithIndexFunc class AndWithIndexFunc<X : Any> : Scalar<Boolean>
Logical conjunction, with index.
BoolOf class BoolOf : Scalar<Boolean>
Text as Boolean.
CheckedScalar class CheckedScalar<T : Any, E> : Scalar<T>
Scalar that wraps an original checked exception thrown by the origin using the given wrapping function.
Constant class Constant<out T : Any> : Scalar<T>
Constant value that never changes.
DateOf class DateOf : Scalar<Date>
Parser for Date instances. Parsing the date using the provided formatter.
Equality class Equality<T : Bytes> : Scalar<Int>
Equals class Equals<in T : Comparable<T>> : Scalar<Boolean>
False class False : Scalar<Boolean>
Logical false.
FirstOf class FirstOf<T : Any> : Scalar<T>
Find first element in a list that satisfies specified condition.
Folded class Folded<out X : Any, T : Any> : Scalar<X>
Iterable, which elements are “folded” through the func.
HighestOf class HighestOf<T : Comparable<T>> : Scalar<T>
Find the highest item.
InheritanceLevel class InheritanceLevel : Scalar<Int>
Calculates number of superclasses between base and derived class.
IoCheckedScalar class IoCheckedScalar<out T : Any> : Scalar<T>
KScalar that doesn’t throw checked Exception, but throws IOException instead.
IsBlank class IsBlank : Scalar<Boolean>
Determines if text is blank (consists of spaces) or no.
Iso class Iso : Scalar<DateTimeFormatter>
Default formatter
ItemAt class ItemAt<T : Any> : Scalar<T>
Element from position in Iterator or fallback value if iterator hasn’t this position.
LocalDateTimeOf class LocalDateTimeOf : Scalar<LocalDateTime>
Parser for LocalDateTime instances. Parses the date using the formatter to create LocalDateTime instances.
LowestOf class LowestOf<T : Comparable<T>> : Scalar<T>
Find the lowest item.
Not class Not : Scalar<Boolean>
Logical negative.
NumberEnvelope abstract class NumberEnvelope : Scalar<Double>
Envelope for the Number.
NumberOf class NumberOf : NumberEnvelope, Scalar<Double>
Text as Double.
OffsetDateTimeOf class OffsetDateTimeOf : Scalar<OffsetDateTime>
Parser for OffsetDateTime instances. Parses the date using the formatter to create OffsetDateTime instances.
Or class Or : Scalar<Boolean>
Logical disjunction.
PropertiesOf class PropertiesOf : Scalar<Properties>
Map as java.util.Properties.
Reduced class Reduced<out T : Any> : Scalar<T>
Reduce iterable via BiFunc.
RetryScalar class RetryScalar<T : Any> : Scalar<T>
Func that will try a few times before throwing an exception.
ScalarWithFallback class ScalarWithFallback<T : Any> : Scalar<T>
Scalar with a fallback plan.
SolidScalar class SolidScalar<out T : Any> : Scalar<T>
Cached and synchronized version of a KScalar.
StickyScalar class StickyScalar<T : Any> : Scalar<T>
Cached version of a KScalar.
SumOfDoubleScalar class SumOfDoubleScalar : Scalar<Double>
Double Scalar which sums up the values of other Scalars of the same type.
SumOfFloatScalar class SumOfFloatScalar : Scalar<Float>
Float Scalar which sums up the values of other Scalars of the same type
SumOfIntScalar class SumOfIntScalar : Scalar<Int>
Integer Scalar which sums up the values of other Scalars of the same type
SumOfLongScalar class SumOfLongScalar : Scalar<Long>
Long Scalar which sums up the values of other Scalars of the same type
SyncScalar class SyncScalar<T : Any> : Scalar<T>
Scalar that is thread-safe.
TempFile class TempFile : Scalar<Path>, Closeable
A temporary file.
Ternary class Ternary<T : Any> : Scalar<T>
Ternary operation.
True class True : Scalar<Boolean>
Logical truth.
UncheckedScalar class UncheckedScalar<out T : Any> : Scalar<T>
Scalar that throws unchecked UncheckedIOException instead of checked Exception.
ZonedDateTimeOf class ZonedDateTimeOf : Scalar<ZonedDateTime>
Parser for ZonedDateTime instances.