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class AndInThreadsFunc<X : Any> : Scalar<Boolean>

Logical conjunction, in multiple threads.

This class can be effectively used to iterate through a collection, just like java.util.stream.Stream.forEach works:

new AndInThreads(
new IterableOf("Mary", "John", "William", "Napkin"),
name -> System.out.printf("The name: %s\n", name)

There is no thread-safety guarantee.


service - Executable service to run thread in

iterable - The iterable

shut - Shut it down

X - Type of items in the iterable

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Since 0.25


Name Summary
<init> AndInThreadsFunc(service: ExecutorService, iterable: Iterable<KScalar<Boolean>>)
AndInThreadsFunc(iterable: Iterable<KScalar<Boolean>>)
AndInThreadsFunc(proc: Proc<X>, vararg src: X)
AndInThreadsFunc(func: Func<X, Boolean>, vararg src: X)
AndInThreadsFunc(proc: Proc<X>, src: Iterable<X>)
AndInThreadsFunc(func: Func<X, Boolean>, src: Iterable<X>)
AndInThreadsFunc(svc: ExecutorService, proc: Proc<X>, vararg src: X)
AndInThreadsFunc(svc: ExecutorService, func: Func<X, Boolean>, vararg src: X)AndInThreadsFunc(svc: ExecutorService, proc: Proc<X>, src: Iterable<X>)
AndInThreadsFunc(svc: ExecutorService, func: Func<X, Boolean>, src: Iterable<X>)
Ctor.AndInThreadsFunc(service: ExecutorService, iterable: Iterable<KScalar<Boolean>>, shut: Boolean)
Logical conjunction, in multiple threads.


Name Summary
invoke fun invoke(): Boolean
Get value of this Scalar