kactoos-jvm / nnl.rocks.kactoos / Text


interface Text


Since 0.2


Name Summary
asString abstract fun asString(): String
Convert it to the string.


Name Summary
Base64Text class Base64Text : Text
Decodes the origin text using the Base64 encoding scheme.
DateAsText class DateAsText : Text
Formatter for date instances. Formats the date using the provided formatter.
FormattedText class FormattedText : Text
Text in Sprinf format.
LocalDateAsText class LocalDateAsText : Text
Formatter for LocalDate instances.
LocalDateTimeAsText class LocalDateTimeAsText : Text
Formatter for LocalDateTime instances.
OffsetDateTimeAsText class OffsetDateTimeAsText : Text
Formatter for OffsetDateTime instances.
RandomText class RandomText : Text
Random text.
TextEnvelope abstract class TextEnvelope : Text, Comparable<Text>
Text envelope that provides equals and hashCode methods.
UncheckedText class UncheckedText : Text
Text that doesn’t throw checked Exception.
ZonedDateTimeAsText class ZonedDateTimeAsText : Text
Formatter for ZonedDateTime instances.