kactoos-jvm / nnl.rocks.kactoos.io / InputOf


class InputOf : Input

An Input that encapsulates other sources of data.

There is no thread-safety guarantee.

Since 0.11.8


Name Summary
<init> InputOf(file: File)
InputOf(path: Path)
InputOf(uri: URI)
InputOf(url: URL)
InputOf(scalar: KScalar<URL>)
InputOf(rdr: Reader)
InputOf(rdr: Reader, charset: Charset)
InputOf(rdr: Reader, charset: CharSequence)
InputOf(rdr: Reader, max: Int)
InputOf(rdr: Reader, charset: Charset, max: Int)
InputOf(rdr: Reader, charset: CharSequence, max: Int)
InputOf(vararg chars: Char)
InputOf(chars: CharArray, charset: Charset)
InputOf(chars: CharArray, charset: CharSequence)
InputOf(source: CharSequence)
InputOf(source: CharSequence, charset: Charset)
InputOf(source: CharSequence, charset: CharSequence)
InputOf(text: Text)
InputOf(text: Text, charset: Charset)
InputOf(text: Text, charset: CharSequence)
InputOf(error: Throwable)
InputOf(error: Throwable, charset: Charset)
InputOf(error: Throwable, charset: CharSequence)
InputOf(bytes: ByteArray)
InputOf(src: Bytes)
InputOf(stream: InputStream)InputOf(origin: Input)
An Input that encapsulates other sources of data.


Name Summary
stream fun stream(): InputStream
Get read access to it.