kactoos-jvm / nnl.rocks.kactoos.collection / CollectionEnvelope


abstract class CollectionEnvelope<out X : Any> : Collection<X>

Base read-only collection.

There is no thread-safety guarantee.


X - Element type.

collection - Encapsulated collection.

Since 0.3


Name Summary
<init> CollectionEnvelope(collection: Collection<X>)
CollectionEnvelope(collection: Scalar<Collection<X>>)CollectionEnvelope(collection: KScalar<Collection<X>>)
Base read-only collection.


Name Summary
iterator open fun iterator(): Iterator<X>


Name Summary
CollectionOf class CollectionOf<out T : Any> : CollectionEnvelope<T>
Iterable as Collection.
Filtered class Filtered<out X : Any> : CollectionEnvelope<X>
Filtered collection.
HeadOf class HeadOf<out T : Any> : CollectionEnvelope<T>
Head portion of collection.
Joined class Joined<out X : Any> : CollectionEnvelope<X>
A few Collections joined together.
Mapped class Mapped<out X : Any, out Y : Any> : CollectionEnvelope<Y>
Mapped collection.
Reversed class Reversed<out X : Any> : CollectionEnvelope<X>
Reversed collection.
Shuffled class Shuffled<out T : Any> : CollectionEnvelope<T>
Shuffled collection.
Skipped class Skipped<out T : Any> : CollectionEnvelope<T>
Skipped collection.
Solid class Solid<out T : Any> : CollectionEnvelope<T>
A Collection that is both synchronized and sticky.
Sorted class Sorted<out T : Any> : CollectionEnvelope<T>
Sorted collection.
Sticky class Sticky<out E : Any> : CollectionEnvelope<E>
Collection decorator that goes through the list only once.
Synced class Synced<out T : Any> : CollectionEnvelope<T>
Iterable as Collection.
TailOf class TailOf<out T : Any> : CollectionEnvelope<T>
Tail portion of the collection.