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@FunctionalInterface interface Output


Here is for example how Output can be used together with Input in order to modify the content of a text file:

new LengthOf(
  new TeeInput(
    new InputOf(new TextOf("Hello, world!")),
    new OutputTo(new File("/tmp/names.txt"))

Here OutputTo implements Output and behaves like one, providing write-only access to the encapsulated java.io.File. The TeeInput copies the content of the input to the output. The nnl.rocks.kactoos.io.LengthOf calculates the size of the copied data.

There is no thread-safety guarantee.

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Since 0.1


Name Summary
stream abstract fun stream(): OutputStream
Get write access to it.


Name Summary
CheckedOutput class CheckedOutput<E> : Output
Output that throws exception of specified type.
DeadOutput class DeadOutput : Output
Output that accepts anything.
GzipOutput class GzipOutput : Output
Output that writes compressed data in the GZIP file format.
LoggingOutput class LoggingOutput : Output
Logged output.
OutputTo class OutputTo : Output
An Output that encapsulates other destination for the data.
StderrOutput class StderrOutput : Output
Output that writes to stderr.
StdoutOutput class StdoutOutput : Output
Output that writes to stdout.
SyncOutput class SyncOutput : Output
Thread-safe Output.
TeeOutput class TeeOutput : Output
Output to Output copying pipe.
UncheckedOutput class UncheckedOutput : Output
Input that doesn’t throw checked Exception.