kactoos-jvm / nnl.rocks.kactoos.map / Grouped


class Grouped<K : Any, out V : Any, T : Any> : MapEnvelope<K, List<V>>

Iterable as Map.

This class groups objects from iterable by applying functions for keys and values

There is no thread-safety guarantee.


K - Type of key

V - Type of value

T - Type of entry objects of functions

list - Iterable which is used to retrieve data from

keys - Function to get a key

values - Function to get a value

Since 0.3


Name Summary
<init> Grouped(list: Iterable<T>, keys: KFunc<T, K>, values: KFunc<T, V>)
Iterable as Map.

Inherited Functions

Name Summary
unsafeGet fun unsafeGet(key: K): V
Returns the value corresponding to the given key, or throws NoSuchElementException if such a key is not present in the map.