kactoos-jvm / nnl.rocks.kactoos.list / Mapped


class Mapped<X : Any, Y : Any> : ListEnvelope<Y>

Mapped list.

There is no thread-safety guarantee.


X - Type of source item

Y - Type of target item

Since 0.4


Name Summary
<init> Mapped(fnc: KFunc<X, Y>, src: Collection<X>)
Mapped(fnc: KFunc<X, Y>, src: Iterable<X>)
Mapped(fnc: KFunc<X, Y>, vararg args: X)
Mapped(fnc: Func<X, Y>, src: Collection<X>)
Mapped(fnc: Func<X, Y>, src: Iterable<X>)
Mapped(fnc: Func<X, Y>, vararg args: X)

Inherited Functions

Name Summary
iterator open fun iterator(): Iterator<T>
listIterator open fun listIterator(): ListIterator<T>
open fun listIterator(index: Int): ListIterator<T>